Ethanol Vaccum Distillation Columns

At the beginning stills were the only way to distill alcohol from grape wines and other fruit. With the passage of time and the evolution of knowledge began to use the first distillation columns. For over 40 years, Tomsa Destil has developed its technology in the area of alcohol distillation. In the R&D laboratory we continue to move forward, some of our progress in the vacuum distillation is:

Minimun Steam consumption

Our technology greatly reduces the energy consumption of our processes. The steam consumption in our vaccumn distillation is reduced by 40-50% with respect to conventional atmospheric distillation

Less Settled Solids

This vaccum technology combined with the design of our columns reduces settled solids allowing columns to operate at maximum capacity and efficiency non-stop throughout the year, increasing the benefit of our clients.

Process Stability

It can be controlled by a single operator. It also allows a constant production of high quality product


Our equipment is designed to operate at lower capacity than rated one without affecting product quality.

The type of alcohol produced by our technology has a very wide quality range. We obtain:

Distilled Beverage (Spirits like:tequila, rum, whiskey, brandy, etc..)

  • No methanol distilled beverages.
  • Alcohol 96%.
  • Superfine alcohol of high purity (<10 ppm of impurities).
  • Bioethanol (anhydrous alcohol less 0.5% Moisture).
  • Isopropanol distilleries.