Agave Cane Extraction Diffusion

The best solvent for sugars is water, this is the process principle of the extraction of sugars through diffusion. The water is contacted with the sugar product, increasing the concentration of the juice by decreasing the concentration of sugars in the product.

Through this extraction process can obtain a high sugar concentration in the juice allowing for a higher yield of ethanol production

These equipment of agave sugar extraction in Mexico are agave diffusers, these equipment that have replaced traditional grinding has now become the most efficient grinding of agave. This allows you to have better yield than means at the end less agave kgs for the same Tequila liter.

Agave diffusers are also used in the honey and inulin industry where this type of grinding through it retains a higher concentration of inulin in the juice and greater efficiency in the extraction of this.

On the Alcohol and sugar production from sugarcane and sweet sorghum diffusers have better efficiency than traditional milling. The use of diffuser on sugar, alcohol and bioethanol industry is going to be common because of the lower labor cost, lower maintenance cost and the better throughput.

Questions related to sugar milling Diffusion (sucrose or inulin) process:

What it’s the extraction efficiency on the sugarcane (or agave) extraction process trough diffusion?

Tomsa technology allows extraction efficiency above 98% which gives us greater production of alcohol (in the case of tequila agave) for the same amount of raw material (cane, agave, etc.).

Why the cost of maintenance in a traditional milling is more than the cost of maintenance of the diffuser?

The wear of the processing equipment is much lower on the diffuser than the traditional grinding train so that the maintenance cost is lowers (less than half).

What is the energy savings in the agave (or sugarcane) diffuser?

Less Electricity: Installed capacity for a process of sweet sorghum, sugarcane or agave diffuser is less than 40% of a traditional mill process which gives a great saving in electricity consumption

What raw materials can be processed with diffuser:

The same technology can be applied together with the alcohol production equipment for various raw materials. They are working diffusers on grape, cassava, sugarcane, sweet sorghum, agave, etc.

How is the process of sugar extraction trough diffuser?

Before the raw material enters in the diffuser, It must have a correct preparation of the fibers by a grinding process, distillers Tomsa has extensive experience in various materials like agave milling, grinding cane, sweet sorghum, orange peel, etc.

After the fiber enters the tunnel in the diffuser a stream of hot juice filtered through the bagasse bed, or any product defibrated product. The bed is moved into the diffuser at the end of the tunnel. A series of pumps streams the juice on the bagasse bed as the product move forward on the diffuser. Eventually bagasse ends with a very low concentration of sugar and is passed through one or two mass mills to remove excess water or even to reduce high humidity percentage in co-generation process.

On the other hand the juice with high sugar concentration and low solids concentration is recollected at the beginning of the equipment.